Friday, June 22, 2012

Gender Revel Box
Clothes Pins

 My nephew and his girl friend are having a baby and she wanted me to make a revel box.  So I asked what is a revel box?  She said it's where they are going to fill the box with pink or blue balloons and when the box is open and balloons come out (pink or blue) that's what they are having. On June 8, 2012 they had a Gender Revel Party!!! Armed with my Cricut Cartridge I decorated the bo, put it in my car, drove to the party store and the party store filled the box.  It was picked up and when it was opened.....PINK balloons came out!!! It's a GIRL.  Our first girl since me 45 years ago!!!  The clothes pins were there and when people arrived at the party if they wanted a boy put a blue clothes pin on, if they wanted a girl pick a pink and put it on.  So in October or November we will have a GIRL!!!  Congratulations to Chess & Traci!!!